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APM's Machine Shop Services Include:

Crankshaft Grinding & Repair

APM has the most extensive specialty crankshaft rebuilding department in the Southeast. With four Berco RTM225 grinders and the large capacity Berco RTM351 grinder, we have the expertise and capability to grind all types of crankshafts, up to ten feet in length and twelve inches in stroke. Our Gleason MII crankshaft welder can restore damaged journals to factory Rockwell hardness specifications. We also offer Ion Nitriding Service for cranks.

Engine Balancing

It is a fact that with less vibration in the rotating assembly of an engine, you get longer engine life, can push higher rpms, and get better engine performance. Our Pro-Bal Engine Balancer allows us to achieve tolerances required by stock and high performance applications.

Cylinder Boring & Honing

Our boring department line up includes a Rottler F10A, Rottler FA4B, Rottler F2AB, Rottler F2B, Rottler DA5, and (2) Rottler DAOB’s. Our latest addition, the F10A, operates with computer-controlled accuracy. Our honing department operates (2) Sunnen CV616 hones and the latest addition is our computer-controlled Rottler H85A with diamond hone heads for superior cylinder wall finish.

Cylinder Head Rebuilding

APM’s Serdi 100 and Rottler SG80MTS seat and guide machines, and Rottler VR9 valve grinder make rebuilding cylinder heads efficient and accurate.

Align Honing

Perfect main bearing saddle alignment is essential to ensure optimum engine life and performance. Our Sunnen CH-100 Horizontal Hone is the right machine to achieve the tight tolerances required.

Align Boring

Replacing main bearing caps requires align boring the main saddles. Damaged saddle housings can be salvaged with sleeving. APM’s Berco BC4 align boring machine effectively handles this job and other horizontal boring tasks.

Magnaflux Testing

Non-destructive testing of internal engine parts is the first step in determining usability of components before the rebuilding process begins. Our shop uses Magnaflux brand testing equipment to thoroughly inspect each critical part.

Block & Cylinder Head Resurfacing

With our Berco STC361 and Berco STC461 surfacing machines, we have the capability to ensure a truly flat deck on blocks and heads for proper gasket sealing.

Pressure Testing

With the ever increasing complexity of today’s cylinder head configurations, pressure testing is crucial to detect leaks and flaws in cylinder heads. Our testing equipment allows us to spot and correct problems before rebuilding your cylinder head.

Blast Cleaning

We offer Steel Shot Blasting, Glass Bead Blasting, and Soda Blasting to clean all types of metal engine components.

Industrial Equipment Component Repair

Have a worn piece of industrial machinery that needs rebuilding? Stop by or give us a call, we may be able to rebuild your parts. Our service desk can be reached at 1-800-282-9319.

Let APM Engine Parts Take the Guesswork out of Your Engine Rebuild

At APM Engine Parts, we’ve been providing quality parts and engine rebuilding services since 1961. Our talented, knowledgeable professionals will help you find the parts you’re looking for, saving you both time and money. Call us toll-free today at 1-800-282-9319 or email us at sales@apmengineparts.com for more information.

"APM ~ Quality Parts & Engine Rebuilding Services Since 1961"

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