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ZEP Safe2Dose Provisions Pot & Pan EG (1) Case N60401

ZEP Safe2Dose Provisions Pot & Pan EG (1) Case N60401
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Product Description
ZEP Safe2Dose Glass Cleaner (1) Case #N68001

(1) Case of (4) 2-Liter Containers

Superior Grease Cutting: Emulsifies grease and grime effectively, leaving clean, residue-free pans behind

Non-Irritating: Contains no harsh or irritating alkali; a neutral pH reduces potential for skin irritation

Economical: Highly concentrated formula with long-lasting suds

Environmentally Preferable: This product is formulated without phosphates, butyl, or APE surfactants and all the detergents and emulsifiers are completely biodegradable.

Accurate: Dilutes precisely and safely through the Zep Dilution System (ZDS) without any chemical waste.

Safe2Dose Technology: Safe2Dose products are designed to provide end-users with a safe and accurate chemical management system. Use Safe2Dose chemicals with a Zep Dilution Solution (ZDS) dispenser only.

ZEP is a registered trademark of ZEP Inc. APM is not affiliated with ZEP Inc. If you currently have a ZEP representative and have purchased ZEP products within the last (6) months, contact your rep or call ZEP at 1-877-I-BUY-ZEP.
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